Who we are and what we do

Founded on a bedrock of passion and expertise, eVulpa is a trailblazing force in the world of sports. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way sports is managed, marketed, and experienced. With a team of senior management members, each boasting more than two decades of specialized industry knowledge, our agency is a convergence of brilliance, experience, and vision.

Who We Are

We are a team of Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives who have driven several digital transformation programs in the region. Chaired by Marwan Hayek, eVulpa’s Management Team have been instrumental in the growth and development of sports, particularly through their decades-long work with sports governing bodies in the MENA and West Asia regions.

What We Do

We leverage our collective strengths and business relationships to generate new opportunities and provide valuable insights and comprehensive solutions for our partners and clients. For sports teams, governing bodies, international event owners, venues, multinational corporations and media operators looking to revive their long-established business model for the rapidly changing and globalized consumer world of today and into the future, eVulpa is the partner of choice.

Get to know us better.

Our purpose is to engage all segments of society by offering access to various sports activities with the aim of creating positive social and economic impact. Sport is an essential tool in bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together. It is competitive, yet an effective development instrument of cooperation and creative collaboration skills among team members in order to achieve the ultimate goal of winning. The culture of “Winning” is what motivates us at eVulpa, and we will endeavor to spread its positive vibes through our activities in the region in collaboration with leading international sports institutions.


We Are Professionals Of
Sports Management and Strategic Planning

Marwan Hayek

Founder and Chairman

Our Senior Management Team brings decades of specialization, in-depth market knowledge and an extensive network along with a dedication to digitalizing the sports ecosystem.

Led by Marwan Hayek, founder & chairman, our core management team posses a unique feature of extensive and diversified work experience spanning Telco, Media and Communications in several countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

We provide sales and support from offices located around the region where global brands and multinational corporations & broadcasters are headquartered.