Rami began his career in sports and media at the Lebanese Basketball Fédération as Vice President and board member responsible for all media and marketing activities. He joined MP & SILVA in 2017 and moved on to Sports Partners International in 2019 as VP of Media and Partnerships.

In 2018, he led the media digitization for a telecom Operator by launching an in-house development and integration of a digital, multi- platform OTT offering for one of Lebanon’s largest mobile telecom operators.

His strong leadership and decision-making capabilities were key in propelling him to the top of his field across different geographies. Throughout his career, he engaged with top tier sports governing bodies on National, Regional, and Confederation levels and gained extensive experience in the West Asia region.

Throughout his years in the digital media industry, he gained technical and commercial experience, as well as the ability to create winning commercial strategies.

Rami is fluent in English, Arabic, and French. He is a graduate of the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut, with a degree in marketing and advertising.