West Asia Super League (WASL) logo revealed as symbol of unity and diversity.

BEIRUT (Lebanon) – The official logo of West Asia Super League (WASL) was revealed on Friday, marking an important milestone ahead of the inaugural edition of the club competition.
The West Asia Super League (WASL) logo consists of two elements, an emblem and a wordmark. The emblem combines all four letters of WASL to form the shape of a basketball. This concept reflects WASL’s role in uniting the 14 different countries that the clubs will represent.
The logo’s wordmark is the support base that carries the emblem with strong and bold typography symbolizing the significance and impact of the league in the region.
The combination of both elements of the logo is a true reflection of what West Asia Super League offers, that is, unity and diversity.

“The logo reveal is a very exciting and important milestone on the road to the inaugural West Asia Super League (WASL) season that will tip-off in December, said FIBA Executive Director – Asia, Mr. Hagop Khajirian.
“This logo will not only become synonymous with the competition, but also with the values and aspirations that the West Asia Super League (WASL) brand will promote and inspire, he added.
“The West Asia Super League (WASL) is a step towards elevating the competition of clubs and significantly raising the standard of club competitions in West Asia and the Gulf regions, as well as India and Kazakhstan”

“The long wait is finally over,” said Mr. Marwan Hayek, Chairman of eVulpa. “Today we are launching the official WASL logo, one of the major and exciting milestones in the FIBA West Asia Super League journey.”
“WASL logo brings together cultural diversity from West Asia and the Gulf, in addition to India and Kazakhstan, in one drawing inspired by the lines of a basketball,” said Hayek. “Starting from WASL Logo reveal to many more, we look forward to adding an extraordinary and fascinating experience to all basketball fans.”

The West Asia Super League (WASL), slated for December 19 until May 20223, promises to be an exciting and dynamic new club competition for clubs in the West Asia and Gulf regions. The Sub-Zone Group Phases will be played in home and away format and will qualify six teams from each Sub-Zone to the WASL Final 8, where they will be joined by the domestic league Champions of India and Kazakhstan.
The West Asia Super League (WASL) finalists will qualify to compete in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2023, on the road to the Intercontinental Cup, FIBA’s highest club competition.